Fair Haven Auxiliary RETIRED

The Fair Haven Auxiliary was a Not-For-Profit volunteer support service. Their mission was to enrich the quality of life and welfare of residents of Fair Haven’s Vancouver and Burnaby facilities. Since 1993, the members have been raising and contributing funds for the benefit of the residents, fostering good relations between Fair Haven and the community, operating the Lodges’ gift shops, and assisting the Fair Haven’s Board, Residents and Staff as requested. Fair Haven was grateful to be able to acknowledge all their wonderful years service at the 2022 Annual General Meeting.

Vancouver Auxiliary SAys farewell, December 2021

We offer our gratitude for the unyielding service from the Vancouver Women’s Auxiliary. They have supported Fair Haven Homes for more than 26 years. Many thanks for their amazing work and dedication!

Burnaby Auxiliary bids adieu, April 2022

Many heartfelt thanks to the Burnaby Women’s Auxiliary for their years of dedicated service. Since 1993, they have supported Fair Haven Homes through their incredible volunteer work!