Events and News

Upcoming Construction

Improvements taking place at Fair Haven Burnaby

2nd Floor Renovation (August 1st- September 23rd)

  • The second floor dining room is being updated to include new flooring, new lounge spaces and a redesign of the area.
  • The work will last approximately 3 months and will happen in 2 phases.
  • Phase 1 will begin in Aug, the current 2nd floor lounge space will be closed off for construction.
  • Dining seating will be adjusted to accommodate the change during construction.
  • Recreation activities will occur in different location throughout the building.

New Front Door (August 12th-13th)

  • We will be replacing the front door.
  • The activity will take 2 days to replace the securing and lock system and the doors themselves.
  • To ensure security of the residents we will have to completely block off the exit during the replacement.
  • Families will have to use the side staff entrance during this time.

New Patio Railings (August 19th-31st)

  • This will add new exterior railing to the south deck to ensure safety and security for all residents.
  • The actual installation should not disrupt care activities as the work is on the exterior of the building.
  • After completion we will be able to reopen the south deck to residents and families.


Elevator Upgrades (September 1st-December 1st)

  • Both elevators will be upgraded with new mechanisms and finishes.
  • Work will occur on one elevator at a time to limit the inconvenience for families and staff.